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Hello friends.

Im new, im Tom, and always have been a believer of the unknown.

To begin with ill recall three experiences that I remember most.

When I was a child, 6 years old, we lived in Minden, Germany. Our house was a very old house, around 150 years. Stone, gated windows, and so forth. I remember most nights seeing a shadow of a man behind my bedroom door, when the door closed, the moonlight lit up the wall behind it, there the shadow stood, motionless. My room was on the second floor mind you. I was never afraid of it, but would just stare at it, until I fell asleep.

When I was around 18, I use to get suspended from high School alot, for skipping classes, so to avoid 'trouble' from the parents, I stayed at my friend Daves house. I screwed around with his web cam, just recording short pointless clips out of bordem, and in one clip I caught an Orb (Oh how I wish I still had this avi) Halfway through the video, a small ball of light appeared on my lower face, flew up to my left eye, slowly moved to the right, then shot towards the ceiling, I couldnt believe how clear it was. I noticed nothing while recording, but did hear some strange knocking noises from below me. No one but I was there.

Around when I was 15, in the middle of the night, I woke up to go get a drink, I left my room, closed my door, then turned to go down the stairs, standing there in front of me was a boy, and I quickly closed my eyes because I was afraid, and said 'Pete?..' (My younger brother) When I opened my eyes there was no one. (I suspect this could have been my dead brother, Chris)

Thats all for now, thank you.
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